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64 bit Operating system SOLUTION for Power POS.

We now have an easy, supported, Virtual Machine solution for anyone who uses a 64 bit Operating System.
We call It POWER VM64 XP-Mode.
It includes:

  • Oracle Virtual Machine (free),
  • Microsoft xp mode 32 bit with license (free),
  • Avast Virus Protection (Because Microsoft No Longer supports MS Security Essentials for XP)
  • Latest Power POS version (free, with existing Power POS LIcense).

All installed remotely for $200.00 / PC. Call us for an appointment, 800-646-4767.

Note:You must have internet access on PC.


Windows 8.1 Has Been Released!. Most machines purchased currently include ONLY the 64 bit Version of Windows. However, the Windows License allows the installation of EITHER the 64 bit Version or the 32 bit version to run under the same key. What this means to you is that, now you have several options when it comes to installing Power POS.

  • Download (HERE) the 32 bit version of your opeating system and install it (Use your existing key) instead of the 64 bit version and install Power POS in it.
  • Have our support personel install our Power VM64-XP-Mode Virtual Machine with Power POS, and use your 64 bit operating system "Out of the box".
  • Install your own Virtual Machine for use with a 32 bit Operating system (Your old XP disk) and install Power POS in it.

The Choice is yours!

01/01/2013 NEW FAX NUMBER 754-300-2388, Please make a note.

Microsoft Update Breaks DOS environment in Windows XP

Microsoft Windows Updates for Windows XP dated about 10/8/2012 – 10/12/2012 with the following KB identifiers has caused the users of Power POS to get out of memory error messages.


These must be uninstalled to regain the memory originally available to the DOS environment under which Power POS runs.

UNINSTALL of Windows XP Updates.

  • Go to the control panel and click Add\Remove Programs.
  • Once it populates, look at the top of the box and add a check mark to the box marked 'show updates'.
  • It will repopulate the window again and all updates will be listed.
  • In the upper right select “sort by:” DATE
  • Scroll to near the bottom of the list and you will see the updates in question
  • Uninstall each one, restarting as needed.

Some of the updates may give a warning about certain programs "possibly” not running properly, but those warnings may be ignored.

For More info see this document

06/01/2011 How do I get rid of the Microsoft "Security Warning" screen?

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Settings from Tools, Internet Options.
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. Select Local Intranet and click Sites.
  5. Clear the checkbox for Automatically detect intranet and check the other 3 boxes.
  6. Click the Advanced button on that same dialog box
  7. Clear the checkbox to "Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone.
  8. And add "file://ServerName" to the list of trusted sites.
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Apply
  11. Click Ok
  12. Close Internet Explorer

The security warning will NO longer bother you!

12/01/2010 Windows XP PC's are still available from CompUSA, they have both New and Refurbished units in stock!
09/01/2010 POS International Wants to remind you that we offer CUSTOM Business Application Program Development Which includes:
bullet Website consultation and design - over 5000 templates to start from
bullet Website Shopping Carts
bullet Website Hosting
bullet Motion graphics for internet applications - Gifs, Flash, Mp4
bullet Website Content Management Systems - Joomla, Drupal, Mombo
bullet Desktop to Online database bridge - Desktop Programs that function across the internet
bullet Specialized Desktop Applications, including
bullet Gift Card and Loyalty Card, CRM
bullet Dispatching
bullet Pest Control
bullet Manufacturing batch control, MRP
bullet School Prepaid Lunch
bullet Online Medical Writeup and data storage
bullet and thousands more written specifically to YOUR requirements.
07/21/2010 We NOW offer EMERGENCY Off-Hours Support!  Some of our clients have requested off-hours support, so we have styled this offering to accommodate these situations.   Read more here.
More News, Click here....


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POS and Point of Sales Systems explained

Since 1985, POS continues to be one of the foremost providers of world-wide distribution of point of sale software and hardware. Our unique combination of technology, dedicated personnel, creative customizable solutions, and exemplary record in customer service make us the industry standard. 

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"Take the Tour"  was developed to give you a basic understanding of the point of sale industry and to showcase our products and services. 



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Disclosure: We are engaged in a profession that exposes our business to the same technical issues that face your business, but on a much more demanding and frequent basis. This has given us a special insight into doing business with other technology companies. We only select the cream of the crop with whom we have had previous relationships, to partner with. As a professional company that receives compensation from the companies whose products and services we partner with; we do business with, and approve of the partners listed here. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
Zeenith Web Hosting
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Business Application Program Development

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# 1 Rated in WEB BASED Application Program development.

Web Design Companies - Miami

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