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Update to Power POS 1.4F 

NOTE: You must do a complete backup before you install the updates!
Download the update and launch. 

2. It will unzip into "\power\update" then launch "install" from there. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The BASE update MUST be loaded first.  Please Download and install only one update at a time or the installation will only be partial.  Please complete the steps in the "Readme" file otherwise your software will NOT run. This Update is from 1.4e to 1.4f, if you are not working on 1.4e, please install 1.4e first. 

Module Description

File Name

Power Base Program pwba14fw.exe
Power Accounts Payable Module pwap14fw
Power General Ledger Module


Power Matrix Module


Power Remote Merge Module


Power Rental Module


Power Payroll Module