As a nationwide company based in Fort Lauderdale, POS International, Inc. cannot provide on its own the "Seven Essentials of POS©". For this reason, in 1996, the POS Partner network was established. Our focus on consumer and industry education has been crucial to our business plan. We have hosted over 500 training seminars for computer professionals from around the world. These award winning classes have educated over 2500 industry partners. We have trained thousands of retail store owners either on-site or in our classrooms in the last 20 years. Through our education efforts our knowledge has been spread around the world.

With over 20 years of experience in the Point of Sale Industry, POS International, Inc. has been able to provide tailor-made POS solutions for a plethora of small to medium sized retail businesses. POS resellers are an integral part of our success!

The Seven Essentials of POS Computerization -- software, hardware, data-entry, training, support, service, and supplies -- were developed in an effort to provide small retailers and service organizations the same level of service they would receive as a mega-store, but personalized for their business.

There are over 2 million independent retail stores (affectionately known as "Mom & Pop" businesses) in America. The U.S. Census bureau reported in the last census that less than 10% of these "Mom & Pop" type businesses are automated. There are also over 1.5 million non-retail independent businesses that need point of sale systems. Every community - every town - every city has a business that needs our products.

Our goal is to have Reseller/POS partner servicing every community in the United States. POS resellers provide small businesses with what modern small businesses provide the community, service that blends the human touch with modern efficiency!

Traditional Pains of the Market

The POS Difference:

Inadequate or non-existent support from manufacturers.

POS Partners receive FREE 800# technical support from our experienced team of point of sale software and hardware experts. Support is also available for application consultation, as well as help in closing that big sale!

Difficulty identifying and developing new business

Not only does POS have an existing client base with more than 35,000 installations nationwide, but POS also provides it's Reseller/Partners with new business development education, as well as assistance with marketing and developing of implementation plans

Inadequate manpower to provide software support

Your customers receive their tech support from us...leaving you free to take care of other aspects of your business!

"Take the Tour" was developed to give you a basic understanding of the point of sale industry and to showcase our products and services. 

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