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Introducing X-Charge™ Fast, reliable, easy to use TOUCH SCREEN compatible Credit Card Software!

Introducing X-Charge™ POS has teamed up with X-Charge™ to offer an alternate solution to ICVerify software for your credit card processing needs. X-Charge™ has agreed to upgrade all POS International, Inc. customers, who have ICVerify, FREE of charge! No software fee --no application fees!   Best of all,        X-Charge™   includes the credit card processing plan – and have beaten the rate for over 70% of the merchants who have investigated X-Charge!

Benefits of using X-Charge
X-Charge routinely takes 10 minutes to install, configure and setup.
X-Charge authorizes a transaction in less than 20 seconds.
X-Charge can hold the line for up to 45 seconds after an authorization … subsequent transactions are authorized in less than 5 seconds.
X-Charge offers real time support. No more waiting days for call backs.
X-Charge has simple, clear, Windows® formatted reporting.
X-Charge is a complete payment processing system – no more wondering if problems are software related or processor related. If you have an issue, you deal with one company.

Download X-Charge (v6.2.7) XC6.2.7.EXE   
Download X-Charge (v6.2.7) XC6.2.7.ZIP ZIPPED

Buy Xcharge MultUser Software license $195.00

X-Charge Application

X-Charge Installation with Power POS

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