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Pole Display or Customer Display - This pos peripheral displays a variety of information: item name, description, price, and even a customizable message. (i.e.. Don't miss XYZ's Fabulous Fall Sale starting 09/01/01! )

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Receipt Printer

The receipt printer is an integral part of any pos system. Most customers not only want a receipt, but a receipt becomes a necessity for returns, exchanges, etc.  Receipt printers come in either parallel or serial interface, and can be direct thermal, thermal transfer, or inkjet.  Some businesses may require an additional 80-column printer to print receipts for service, high-dollar sales, back orders and various reports.

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Programmable Keyboard

Keyboards come in various configurations for the point of sale environment.  Depending on your business type, you can use a standard Windows keyboard, or opt for a model that has programmable keys, magnetic stripe readers, and even flat panel membrane keyboards that are spill-resistant. Another variable is the number of keys on the programmable keyboard: 60, 101, 112 or 176.  Your POS Product Specialist can help guide you towards the best option for your business.

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Barcode Printer

A barcode printer, while not necessary for a basic pos system, can be very beneficial to a business that sells items that do not come pre-barcoded. Barcode printers are available  in both serial or parallel hook-ups and either a 2 inch or 4 inch format.   A barcode printer uses thermal technology to print, therefore there is no ribbon to replace.  The only supply involved is the label.

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Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is a very important part of your pos system -- it holds your money!!!! Most cash drawers are printer-driven, in other words,  when the receipt for the transaction prints, the receipt printer sends a signal to the cash drawer to open.  Cash drawers can also be attached independently via serial or parallel port.

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Barcode Scanner

Again, a barcode scanner is not necessary  for a pos system, but it certainly helps the speed and accuracy of the transaction.  There are different styles of scanning technologies:  CCD and laser/omni-directional. Scanners attach through your keyboard using a "Y" cable and needs no additional drivers or power cords.

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A CCD scanner uses the same technology as a video recorder.  The scanner takes a picture of the barcode and interprets the barcode symbols. The advantage of this type of scanner is that the technology is still relatively low cost and allows the scanning of the entire barcode.  However, the operator must touch the scanner to the barcode. A CCD scanner has a few other limitations, such as it will not read around curved surfaces (i.e. soda cans) and will not read from a distance.

The laser/omni-directional scanner can be used in a gun, as a hand-held or fixed-mount scanner. It incorporates a motorized spinning mirror internally, which reflects the laser light over a wide area and a relatively long distance.  This type of scanner is perfect for scanning barcodes on  odd-shaped or curved surfaces, and from a distance.  The omni-directional scanner is typically the most expensive scanner, but depending on your type of  business, the benefits can far out-weigh the costs!

Magnetic Stripe Reader

A MSR is a convenient solution for businesses that accept credit cards. The interface for a credit card reader is usually a keyboard wedge, but can also be attached to an available serial port. In order to utilize credit card verification, the pos system must also contain software-- we recommend IC Verify Software -- and a modem. 

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Check Reader


A check reader uses a technology called MICR - magnetic ink character recognition. Checks are printed using magnetic ink to prevent check fraud.  Software and a modem is also required for check readers.

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Portable Data Collector

A portable data collection terminal (PDT), is a portable barcode decoding device that can be used with any type of un-decoded scanner.  This device allows you to read barcode information as well as type in additional information during a physical inventory count. Our recommended PDT (Sunmax 2000) comes with a programming guide that allows the user to develop their own input program and upload the data to any format required to integrate into the application program. POS can provide the programming service for a nominal fee.  Ask your Product Specialist for details.

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POS Monitors


POS Monitors come in a variety of different sizes and configurations: 10" monochrome up to 15" color , flat screen or touchscreen!

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