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I already have a cash drawer -- do I really need a POS station?

A cash drawer and a pos system are very similar. Both a pos system and a cash drawer can ring sale, calculate tax, etc. But, a pos system can do much more: track your inventory and customers, eliminate slow moving items, re-order items, create purchase orders, receive inventory, and much more. A pos system can also save valuable time and money. For more: See Better Bottom Line

How can your pos system provide all of those features?

The key to a pos system lies in it's software. Power POS and POS Plus have been written specifically to meet the needs of retail and service organizations. Both programs are fully customizable with user-defined reporting options available.

There are many different pos systems available, why should I buy a system from POS International?

While it is true that there are a number of different softwares and pos systems available, POS International, Inc. is the only company that offers the Seven Essentials of POS automation.

Can't I purchase a pos system from my local Office Depot?

The short answer is no! A point of sale system is a very specialized product. An office supply store cannot provide the level of service and support you will need in automating your business. POS International has over 20 years of experience in point of sale automation.

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